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Do you believe Portland is for Everybody?

Meet Rob

52708_4369244823583_520282962_o copy Rob Korobkin is an experienced software engineer, musician and teacher with a lifelong dedication to social justice and community organizing.

Rob graduated from Haverford College in 2008 with a BA in Urban Studies and moved to Portland shortly thereafter to study at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, immediately falling in love with Portland’s diverse, tightly-knit community and vibrant abundance of both creative and economic opportunities.

Rob is proud to be a Portlander and has worked hard to use his skills with technology, financial management and organizational leadership to serve many community projects in the area, including the Meg Perry Center, Occupy Maine and the Southern Maine Workers Center.  He’s a person who believes in civic engagement, and he has participated actively in the efforts to win marriage equality, keep tar sands out of South Portland, protect Congress Square, defend the rights of asylum seekers and raise the city’s minimum wage. He is currently working as a core member of the Greater Portland Community Land Trust, a new group of community organizers and real estate developers who have come together to build affordable cooperative housing in our area.

As a programmer, Rob is a diligent, self-motivated creative problem solver with experience starting new organizations and navigating complex power structures to move innovative projects.  In addition to working on several successful startup projects, Rob has also developed solutions for a wide range of clients, including the Boston Celtics, the New England Patriots, Wex and PowerPay.


For fun, Rob enjoys playing drums, jogging around the Back Cove, doing community service and barbecuing with his motley crew of housemates and friends on the back deck of his home on Fessenden Street.


If elected to City Council, Rob will work carefully and diligently to ensure that our community grows in a way that is smart, safe, socially just and sustainable. Portland deserves a city government that respects not only people with money but also folks living check to check; that respects families of all kinds and folks living alone; young people and those who are not quite so young anymore; longtime residents and asylum seekers.

Rob believes that municipal government in the twenty-first century is going to become increasingly transparent, participatory and equitable, but right now, in Portland at least, it isn’t any of those things. Citizens are tired of summoning the courage to enter CIty Hall and offer public comment at committee meetings, only to be ignored by councilors who don’t care what their lives are like and don’t even listen to what they’re saying. Portland’s homeowners and small businesses are tired of unclear City processes that offer sweetheart deals to luxury developers while giving local residents the run-around.

Rob will work tirelessly for an inclusive Portland, a place that honors our city’s proud traditions as a safe harbor where people from around the world can come to make good lives for their families. He believes in development without displacement and will be a strong voice advocating for the kind of intelligent projects that enrich Portland by creating sustainable opportunities for everybody in our community to live, work and thrive.

Not just input, a right to participate!

  • Dedication to respecting all Portlanders, listening diligently to their concerns and including them in developing real solutions.
  • Free childcare and translation at all public hearings.
  • Technology to make local government more transparent and accessible.

Economic Development

  • Planning policies encouraging intelligent construction that serves EVERYBODY
  • Community programs to attract new industries, including hi-tech, light manufacturing and the creative economy.
  • Responsible job creation – all NEW jobs should be GOOD jobs!
  • Reel in TIF spending that offers excessive tax breaks to Portland’s wealthiest developers.
  • Municipal support for beautiful public spaces with lots of fun programming.
  • Protect the City’s art and music community and fund the creation of spaces that support the arts like Grime Studios and Running With Scissors.


  • Protect and incentivize high quality, well-managed, economically accessible housing.
  • City support for starting and sustaining housing cooperatives.
  • Inclusionary Zoning – New development MUST either offer affordable units or pay into the City housing fund.

Welcoming New Americans

  • Help for asylum seekers in meeting their basic needs and integrating into our city.
  • Support for local groups working to facilitate community integration.

Addiction & recovery

  • Ample resources for the homeless and those struggling with addiction.
  • Jail Diversion: Treatment instead of incarceration for low-level drug offenders.
  • Public access to Naloxone.


  • Schools that are innovative and comprehensive and ALL have abundant resources.
  • Meaningful programs to address bullying and racism among students.


  • City support for weatherizing Portland’s antique housing stock.
  • Community-wide education efforts about climate change and sustainability.
  • Make all City of Portland vehicles and buildings Green.